SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Oil and Wax Vape Review

Welcome to the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Oil and Wax Vape Review . Get a free gift with the code: RUFF2 This and hundreds more original cannabis culture videos made

Airis Quaser Quartz Wax Vaporizer Review

The Airis Quaser is a uniquely designed Quartz Wax Vaporizer featuring Q-cell quartz heating chamber technology, 3 heat settings and a very interesting dabbing tool ceramic mouthpiece. Let’s see how

Vivant Rift Vaporizer Review

Vivant Rift Vaporizer Review by Matt from RuffHouse Studios. To learn more about Vivant Rift visit: Affiliate Deals: – THC potency tester for oils and butter: Save $15

Q-Tip Fritted Quartz Wax Pen Review

The Q-Tip is a compact wax pen using fritted quartz (Q-cell) technology to deliver smooth efficient heating and excellent pure taste. More about AirisTech: Check out the full review